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Three Steps To Curate An Art Show

In today’s digital world, photography curation has gotten more popular than ever. Thanks to social media sites like Instagram and VCSO, more and more people are appreciating the art of curating photos.
If you’re planning to hold an art show, then you need a curator. A curator’s job is like a movie director’s in that you need to oversee every detail of the production so it helps to be extremely organized so that you can work well with others.
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Conceptualize: This is when you think of the idea and overall theme of your exhibition. This is when you identify the purpose of your exhibition: a survey show, a showcase of new talent, an illustration of a theme? Whatever theme you agree on will be the basis of your whole preparation.
Consider your audience: The most important concern of the curator is the art audience. A curator isn’t just an organizer of art, but what they do is to “tailor fit” the arrangement according to the audience. A good curator understan…

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